There are several very environmental and economic reasons to install an automatic irrigation system to your garden.

  • The water is directed to the areas of the garden where it is most Beneficial to the Plants
  • The correct amount of water is applied to the plants
  • The system can be set to operate after sunset or before sunrise; this will reduce needless loss through evaporation
  • Reduced water bills
  • Helps to ensure the garden is at its best, which allows you more time for other garden activities
  • An automatic watering system will usually consist of a storage tank – pump – controller – distribution manifold – lawn Sprays – border sprays – drip/micro irrigation to raised beds/hanging baskets/pots.

To achieve the best results from an irrigation system it is important to use the correct type of irrigation sprays for your garden. Gardens continually evolve with the changing seasons and during their life time. Any system should be designed to be altered and adapted to suit this.